International Communications Consultant

Creative Work


Art & Design

  • Painting/Sketching
  • 3D Art/Sculpture 
  • Pottery/Ceramics


  • Flowers
  • sunsets, wildlife, travel, sculptures
  • French Impressionist Painters

Film & Video

  • Festivals of Britain TV series
  • Art Videos
  • Tourism


  • University Revue
  • Amateur Theatre Productions
  • Old Time Music Hall
  • Stage Pantomime
  • Cabaret, Singing, Dancing and Choreography

Training, Education and Presentations

Established Wellington College Film and Video Unit; Installed Film and Radio Studios for the Ministry of Overseas Development in Kenya; Presented a series of lectures on producing effective Visual Aids, including Photography, Print and Design; SONY/Video at Work Seminar and Workshop; Presentation of papers at various international conferences on the Agri-Visual Training and Visit system for improving communications and the transfer of technology to people living in the developing world.

Creative Gallery

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