A brief profile


  • Co Founder and Chairman, World Happiness Project and Online Global Happy Cafe
  • Writer, Producer and Director of award winning films, videos, multimedia and webTV programmes.
  • Chairman and Chief Executive of International Media Communications Companies:- Agri-Visual, Video at Work, Video Newsreels, Virtual Media. 
  • Organiser of conferences, product launches, trade shows, exhibitions, press and public relations, corporate hospitality and team building events.
  • Freelance Photojournalist for Time International Magazine, The Riviera Times and various local news, leisure and lifestyle magazines and publications.
  • Artist, Sculptor and Creator of Art and Entertainment Projects
  • Designer of Sculpture Parks, Town Memorials, Gardens of Memory, History and Nature Trails 
  • Director of International Arts and Music Festivals, including Bournemouth Jazz by the Sea Festival and The World Jazz Jamboree.

For more details, check out my latest podcast at https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-p6b6x-115374c  or visit https://youtu.be/Zjzi2L9vXvQ