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AgriVisual 1973 – 1986

Some early footage from an Agri Visual production

Agri Visual was the original brain child of Gerry and he pioneered the use of films and modern multimedia programmes to introduce, explain and promote improved technology to farmers living around the world.

Clients included the World Bank, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, the UK Ministry of Overseas Development and the European Union as well as a number of international business and commercial organisations.

It is estimated that over 500 million people living in rural areas of the Third World have seen the company’s training and promotional programmes broadcast in a wide variety of languages.

Virtual Media 1998 – 2020

By harnessing the power of the Internet in 1998 Gerry created a virtual company comprising a team of highly professional and experienced personnel offering a comprehensive range of creative media production services, including:

  • Public Relations
  • Photo-Journalism
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Freelance Journalism
  • Corporate Communications

Projects include the design and production of WebTV programmes, news broadcasting from the Cannes film festival, creating a series of art and entertainment features for the Riviera Times, handling public relations for a number of companies and organizations around the world and writing lifestyle and leisure articles for a variety of magazines and publications.

Recent work includes the organisation of a Press Launch for the Rotary sponsored Young Environmentalist Challenge Competition, the design and production of a new Guidebook and Newsletter for Compton Acres, marketing and publicity for the The Boat Club and organizing and directing the Bournemouth Jazz Festival.

Download a selection of articles from Virtual Media

Mirage sales presentation

Below is part of a sales presentation created by Virtual Media


Video Newsreels 1987 – 1998

In the beginning Gerry had a vision… to offer a complete solution for the design, production, presentation and delivery of cost effective corporate communications.. today that vision is a reality…

Our production team has many years experience in creating award winning films, video, multimedia and web TV programmes designed to inform, educate and motivate audiences around the world.

From initial to the creation of an innovative new web TV channel, we have the technical knowledge, creative skills and practical expertise to make Online Communications work for you.

Successful brands include Video at Work, Farmers Newsreel, Airbytes, Security World, Travel World, Network BT and the HP European video news magazine.